• Event Sponsorship –As a sponsor, you will reach important market segments represented by the survivors and their teams, spectators, volunteers, runners and walkers – anticipated to be over 500 people. You will also be a part of the only local benefit race for colorectal cancer. Being a race sponsor is a great way to unify employees around a positive and worthy community event.

  • Form a Team- Participating in the race as a team not only brings co-workers together to participate in a great event, it is one of the biggest and best sources of financial support for the race. Some teams design their own t-shirts, come up with fun and inventive names and participate together - a great way to improve morale.

  • Volunteers – Volunteers are critical to the success of the race. More volunteers mean a better organized event on race day and a grass-roots approach for our message, which is often more meaningful.


Become a Sponsor!

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