Emma Lynn Goff

My mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in March 2014. She took the news in stride, put on a brave face for her family, and vowed to fight. Through all of her struggles, my mother became the strongest person I knew. She never asked "Why me?". She is my hero.  My mom lost her battle in December 26, 2014. I miss her dearly. - Submitted by Sara Goff

My sister, Emma Goff, lost her battle with colon cancer on December 26, 2014.  She was one year younger than I, but I long admired her strength and resilience.  She lost her husband and her middle child, only 19 years old, within two years.  However, she endured those losses with fortitude, and she never lost her wry sense of humor.  I miss her so much, and every day I want to call her and ask her some question.  It's hard to believe I can never again do that.  All her family, including her two children, her two granddaughters, her two brothers, and I, along with in-laws, cousins, etc., will love her forever and know we will see her again.- Submitted by Elizabeth Mountain

 My grandmother, Emma Lynn Goff, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer in March 2014. She passed in her home surrounded by her family on December 26, 2014. She never gave up trying to fight this disease and spent most of her time worrying  about her family instead of herself.  Besides my mother she was the only person who could ever tell me, “It will be ok” and I believed her. I miss her everyday and I always will. - Submitted by Meagan Goff


Emma Goff: I lost my Mom Dec 26, 2015. She discovered she had colon cancer 9 months earlier and vowed she was not ready to die. I watched as my Mom faught until the very end. We celebrated her birthday on Dec 24and lost her on the 26th. I now have an empty feeling inside that will never be filled. You never know how strong someone is till they are faced with something like this But ive always known how strong she was. - Submitted by David Goff



George Griffith

My dad, George Griffith, died in March 1976 after his second go-round with colon cancer.  He was the bravest, strongest, most gentle dad ever.  He had survived 9 months as a POW during World War II, but he couldn't survive colon cancer.  His family loved him dearly and miss him still.   - Submitted by Elizabeth Mountain

I lost my grandfather, George Griffith,  when I was 7. He was the first one I lost and one of the softest spoken and kindest people that I've known. I remember sitting in his lap looking through encyclopedias and watching him whittle on the front porch. He was Pap to me and I'll never forget him. - Submitted by David Goff

Elizabeth Susan Toney

Our grandmother, Elizabeth Susan toney, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in January of 2006. She passed June 30, 2006. Our grandmother was a vibrant and strong woman, who fought her cancer till the end. One of Grandma's favorite quotes is, "You are loved." We are participating in this 5K, because Grandma, "You are loved," and we miss you each and every day.  - Submitted by Meagan Goff